Demo Requirements Videos iptv Pro pricing



  • Transcode included to restream from other services / servers
  • Restream m3u8 files to all your users.
  • Allows one person to stream per account



*Lifetime license* No hidden fees or charges

  • Pay once and use forever
  • Updates for life
  • install on your own vps or server.



*COMING SOON* Load balancing

  • We are working on a load balancer for use with this panel.
  • Will be available in the next month or so.



No branding or linkback

  • Use your own logo
  • slogan and copyright message too
  • No linkback
  • No links or images relating to our product or service



Free installation and configuration

  • Free install within 48 hours
  • Free configure to pair panel with ministra server.
  • You can run panel and ministra on separate servers
  • Admin panel can run on a basic shared host
  • Ministra requires vps, 6gb ram, 50gb hdd and 2 core cpu



Ministra Portal

Ministra or stalker portal supported

Upload you entire stream collection to ministra and stream to..

MAG devices, stb's, Ministra / stalker apps, apple tv and more


Admin Panel

Comes compltete with admin panel to manage your site

You can manage Live stream(Stop, Start, restart and delete streams).

Add reseller and super resellers.

Add users and Admin users.

Add unlimited lines and iptv plans




Add unlimited stream from restreaming service

This product will capture the url of the restream video and distribute it.

Inputr suppported : MP4, ts, M3U8 and hls suppoted as input

Output : hls and m3u8



Reseller panel

Allow your Customers to sell their own iptv packages

Packages are pre-defined by you, packages can cost any amount of credits you want...

You can set as little as 1 hour to 100 years and set the credit cost you want to deduct from a reseller


Super Resellers

Your super resellers can setup their own resellers and give them credits from their account

As long as the super resell has enogh credits to give

The reseller giving credits with have the amount deducted from their account