PHP iptv panel v2


This service is for panel only, No Streams or videos provided. we accept no responsibility for misuse . We do NOT host provide, archive, distribute, store, or stream media of any kind on our website. We do NOT own, control, manage, maintain, run or have any access to the servers.

Iptv panel Complete Solution

  • Iptv Manager
  • Resellers
  • Super Resellers
  • Multi plans for your panel
  • Automatic expiration of iptv plans
  • Automatic credit deduction for new lines created by reseller.
  • Unlimited line creation by admin.
  • Web Player available for an extra £5 for lifetime



This panel is 100% built by us, its a custom php script developed for easy iptv management.

This panel is built with a credit based distribution of iptv channels and videos.

You can create your own resellers in admin and allocate credits to them.

You can also create a credit plan for users to buy from your website and automatically allocate the credits they purchased.

You don't need resellers as it can be used inside admin to create new lines and users.

With lots of devices supported by m3u or mag and stb's boxes.

You can easily edit template files to customize as you wish.

New web player for iptv v2

More information

New Version for April 2020

Features and specs

Bug Fix

  • Youtube videos now working again
  • Add unlimited from youtube and publish to all devices supported

Brand new features

  • Live Stream protection enabled
  • Live Streams will only work if the user has active subscription
  • Once a subscription expires their streams will too.
  • even entering the actual stream url it will only work with active subscription.

Feel free to contact us any time with any issues or have any questions pre or post purchase


  • Restreamer / Transcoder included
  • You can get your streams and distribute them

Lifetime license on all products

  • All our products are lifetime license.
  • You can use our products forever without having to pay another penny, EVER!
  • All you need is a powerful enough server, and some reliable streams to add.

Supported devices

  • Amazon fire tv, perfect player
  • Amazon fire tv, Smart iptv player
  • Android phones, GSE Iptv app
  • Android phones, perfect player
  • Android phones, Smart iptv app
  • Android Tv, GSE IPTV
  • Android Tv, Perfect player
  • Android Tv, Smart iptv app
  • Android tv, StbEmu
  • Android, tv app EPG Supported
  • IOS GSE iptv app
  • LG tv, smart iptv app
  • LG tv, ss iptv app
  • Mac, VLC Player
  • Smasung tv, smart iptv app
  • Smasung tv, SS iptv app
  • Windows, VLC player