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PHP Script: Buy Iptv panel - iptv admin panel - Lifetime

Lifetime License
Download within 2 minutes of purchase.

£25.00 / Lifetime

  • Must be installed on your own hosting
  • PHP Source code Included
  • Pay once
  • use Forever
  • Lifetime license
  • 12 Months priority support
  • Lifetime bug fixes and standard support








Iptv Admin panel +1 Months hosting

£5.00 / Month

No experience required We install and send you the relevant info.
  • Source code NOT included
  • Unlimited everything
  • Monthly license
  • Unlimited priority support







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  • EPG Support for Smart iptv app(s
  • Reseller panel added
  • Reseller plans management.
  • Updated payment system to allow user to buy credits
  • Various bug fixes


  • Say goodbye to monthly payments.
  • Yes Really!, One time payment.
  • You can run on 2 servers or pcs included in your license
  • Your panel will be 100% open source code.

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Iptv Panel

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New Feature - Resellers

  • Reseller panel now included.
  • Not only can you sell iptv, you can sell credits for your customers to buy and create their own lines
  • Selling your credits online is setup on this script.
  • Sell on the same store you sell your iptv lines.

Live VOD and Catchup

  • Supports Live streams
  • Vod / Catchup Videos

New Feature - EPG

  • EPG Support for Smart iptv app

Free translation

  • Free translation to you language
  • Free of charge
  • Please allow 7 days for translation.
  • Translation is Front-End only

Resellers features

  • Create unlimited resellers
  • Create unlimited lines to accompany your reseller accounts.
  • Set the cost per line(Taken from credits).
  • Add unlimited credit price plans.

Life with no limits

  • Import unlimited VOD and Live streams
  • Add unlimited lines
  • Add unlimited users
  • Unlimited subscriptions

Control with your very own Iptv admin panel.

 iptv panel, you own the service so you can add your own vod and live streams from an m3ul.


Subscription plans

  • Manage subscription plans.
  • Instant Automatic delivery of your service.
  • This is a new product so may have the odd bug, we will fix any bugs within 48 hours.
  • Your script will be downloadable within 5 minutes of purchase.

For adding your content You just need the minimal

  • At least 200mb Disk Space.
  • At least 1 empty mysql database.
  • Shared hosts work perfectly.

Publish your Streams Quickly and easily.

  • Import unlimited VOD and Live streams
  • Import by entering the url of an m3u you found on the net.
  • Import by uploading an m3u you have on your pc or mac.

Once imported you can add the streams to a line created

  • Add unlimited lines and associate with a product file
  • You set the length of the subscription, you have a maximum of 100 years and a minimal of one day for subscription length.
  • Once subscription expired the account will automatically stop streams until the user pays again

Look and feel

  • Free themes
  • All our themes are included in your purchase.
  • Themes Themes will always be free. and included in your download.
  • Change Theme Easily change theme in admin. The change will be instant.


  • Branding free
  • Change logo and copyright message in admin
  • Logo in player Change the logo and link inside the video player easily in admin

Support and guarantee

  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Buy with confidence
  • Easy install yourself Install yourself in 5 minutes
  • Or use Free install Service We will Install within 48 hours of purchase

Suported Devices

Amazon fire tv stick and box
Amazon tv stick
Android tv with perfect player
Perfecrt Player
Android IOS with GSE iptv app
Zgemma with iptv app and filezilla
Enigms2 With iptv app and filezilla
Samsung Smart Tvs with Smart iptv app
Smart iptv
LG Smart Tvs with Smart iptv app
Smart iptv
Samsung Smart Tvs with free ss iptv app
SS iptv
LG With free ss iptv app
SS iptv
PC And mac with vlc player

Vlc player
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Windows mobile
Mac osx 10.5+

Free resources...

PLEASE NOTE: We do not manage or Take any responsibility for the streams in these lists.

Paid resources...

You can use re streaming services to add streams.

We do not offer a re streaming service, you would need to do your own research.

IPTV is essentially the delivery of media content, videos or live television over an IP network. This can either use the public internet or a private local area network (LA) or wide area network (WAN). An IPTV service can be delivered to an IP enabled TV, mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC and can be easily incorporated into a video on demand solution.

IPTV is commonly used by businesses and organisations to deliver TV to waiting areas, reception and common rooms (often integrated with digital signage capabilities). IPTV is also a popular solution for the provision of television services within a hotel, hospital or residential property.

Here are some other helpful descriptions;

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which tv services are delivered using the internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network such as a LAN or the internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats.


IPTV systems may be classified into three main groups:

  • Live television with or without interactivity related to the current TV show;
  • Time-shifted television: catch-up TV (replays a TV show that was broadcast hours or days ago), start-over TV (replays the current TV show from its beginning);
  • Video on Demand (VOD): browse a catalog of videos, not related to TV programming.’
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