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Q:Is this a streaming server?
A:No, its more like a link manager to distribute streams from other servers.
Q:Do i need a dedicated server to run this panel?
A:No, this product can run on a basic shared host, with php, apache and mysql
Q:Do i get support for this product after purchase?
A:You get unlimited support for this product for life
Q:How many accounts can i create?
A:You can create unlimited accounts.
Q:How many paying users can i have?
A:You can have unlimited subscribers and lines.
Q:Do i need a dedicated server to run the iptv panel?
A:No, you can run on a shared host, Apache, php 5.6+ and mysql needed
Q:What do i get with a lifetime license?
A:100% Open Source script code, Pay one and use forever(hosting or software on pc)
Q:What do i get with a monthy subscription
A:You get hosting unlimited priority support while you're a subscriber
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