Welcome to in2iptv.com

Iptv admin panel with support for most devices.

You take full control.

Distribute your own content.

You choose which channels and vod to add.

Devices support from ios, android, tvs, smart phones, amazon fire devices and more.

We give unlimited support to all our customers.

We offer free installation of our product within 24 hours.

Miniustra is optional, if you do not require ministra you can run on a basic cpanel host, Shared host is enough to run panel...

Ministra server requires a vps or server, ministra is used for mag and stb emu.


Lifetime means lifetime

Our lifetime licence is for lifetime.

Once you purchase there will be nothing extra to pay EVER.


Help and support

We are happy to help in any way we can to get you up and running.

We are here to help any way we can with any issues or questions and queries.

We aim to answer support requests within 24 hours but normally a lot less.

We had issues from 4th - 21st April receiving emails, but this is fixed now.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any pre purchase questions or have bugs or problems.


We have no hidden charges

All prices are fixed and you will never have to pay more than screen price.


Almost Instant download for lifetime products

Get your download within 2 minutes of purchase

Earning money

You can earn money by selling iptv plans.

Also you can earn money from advertisements from adsense or any other add provider

You set ads in admin and will show on all your front-end pages



Live WITHOUT Limits

You can create unlimited Lines and Subscriptions.

You can add a unlimited VOD and live streams.

Unlimited Paying users

Unlimited Resellers



Posted By : João Paulo Azevedo

5 star
Since the beginning of 2019 I am with the iptv panel and I am very satisfied with the support and panel of In2iptv.com, always very attentive and always updated panel, 1000 note for you, thanks for the service and commitment always. I RECOMMEND EVERYONE.

Free updates and bug fixes for life

Fast and Friendly support, we treat all support requests as priority, get your query answered within 24 hours.

Get your bugs and errors fixed within 24 hours, Report as bug

Get update for life on encrypted and lifetime license.

Unlimited updates for the lifetime of this product.

Instructions will be provided when an update is available.


Little to no website experience?
Why not go hosted

No experience in website and server needed

We install everything to get you up and running and send you the info.

We will install within 24-48 hours

Hosted iptv panel

Managing your Store

Front store is fully automated

Just add your streams and products and sit back

Accepting Paypal payments with automatic activation.

Epg Support

Epg Support for all ministra devices.

Epg Support for Smart iptv app

We are working on other devices

Import from youtube easily

Import directly from youtube and use inside panel.
Video checker that checks if youtube video supports iptv panel
Filters out unsupported videos.

Search YouTube in the admin panel and choose which videos you want to add.

You can add unlimited videos from YouTube


3 versions Available

Version 1 is not encrypted Panel with ministra support

Open source Version that allows you to stream to mag and stb's , vps or server required

Panel can run on shared host with minimal requirments , ministra needs vps.

Version 2 is encrypted Panel with ministra support

Encrypted Version that allows you to stream to mag and stb's , vps or server required

Panel can run on shared host with minimal requirments , ministra needs vps.

Version 3 is Hosting Panel without ministra support
Get you panel setup by us within 24 hours, ministra not supported

Demo lines

Subscription line - http://demo.in2iptv.com/iptv.php?user=test&pass=test&list=Movies.m3u
Free line - Tv Reviews- http://demo.in2iptv.com/iptv.php?list=tv-reviews.m3u
Free line - Car Reviews- http://demo.in2iptv.com/iptv.php?list=car_reviews.m3u
  • Add unlimited lines
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited resellers
  • unlimited streams

Mobile and tablet Ready store

Comes complete with front-end to sell your lines and credits to resellrs
Comes with automatic activation feature for ease of use
Once you've setup everything just sit back and let the panel do the hard work

Supported Devices

  • Android TV
  • Android Tablets
  • Android Phones
  • Amazon fire TV box/Stick
  • Roku box
  • Apple TV
  • Iphone Devices
  • Ipad Devices
  • Samsung tvs
  • Smart iptv app
  • LG tv's
  • Mag and STB's
  • VLC player
  • Perfect Player

Full featured admin panel

Fully Responsive

Full responsive design

24/7 Email Support

Get unlimited support for the lifetime of this product

Easy To Configure

Install the panel in as little as 5 minutes of purchase


EPG Now Supported

Supported epg devices

  • MAG250
  • MAG254/255
  • MAG256/257
  • MAG322
  • MAG324
  • MAG349
  • MAG351
  • MAG410
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Android STB
  • LG WebOS
  • Stalker ios and android app
  • ministra app on ios and android

New Feature

  • Ministra Server now compatible
  • Sell lines for Mag and stbs
  • Automatic activation
  • Sell live streams
  • Sell VOD easily
Create a stb/mag test line here

Why get our lifetime?

  • Pay once...use forever
  • 100% Open source
  • Unlimited m3u's
  • Unlimited lines
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited users
  • Lifetime only £30

Limit devices

Limit the amount of devices per user.
limit from 1 device up to 100 devices.
Limiting optional, you can set to unlimited.

Adding M3u's

You can add unlimited M3U files in admin.
You can offer free m3u files to distribute your free streams,
you can also offer paid subscription m3u lines to distribute your streams and get paid for it.
Paid M3u Lines can also be limited to a certain amount of devices, From 1 to 100 devices per purchase

Adding VOD Streams

You can add unlimited VOD Streams
Add unlimited videos from youtube straight out the box
You can categorize your streams to help your subscribers navigate easily.
You can IMPORT m3u files from other sites and upload easily
You can import for example, https://fluxustv.blogspot.com/
You can import by entering the url of the m3u your decide to use

Live Streams

You can add unlimited Live streams,
Streams can be m3u, mp4, hls or m3u8
You can set streams to subscription based or free,

Users and resellers

You can add unlimited users and resellers
You can also deactivate users or resellers.
Resellers are based on a credit system,
Resellers can buy extra credits on front-end or you as Admin can add as many credits as you wish to resellers.
You can set unlimited credit plans.
Credit plans comprise of a name and a cost.
Name is just basically a name displayed for the plans
Cost is the amount of credits taken for any line setup.
You could say '1 credit for 24 hours' or '10 credits for a month' and so on.
The cost of credits per line can be set to anything you wish..

Resellers features

Create unlimited resellers
Create unlimited lines to accompany your reseller accounts.
Set the cost per line(Taken from credits).
Add unlimited credit price plans

Life with no limits

Import unlimited VOD and Live streams
Add unlimited lines
Add unlimited users
Unlimited subscriptions

Subscription plans

Manage subscription plans.
Instant Automatic delivery of your service.
This is a new product so may have the odd bug, we will fix any bugs within 48 hours.
Your script will be downloadable within 5 minutes of purchase.

For adding your content You just need the minimal

At least 200mb Disk Space.
At least 1 empty mysql database.
Shared hosts work perfectly.

Publish your Streams Quickly and easily.

Import unlimited VOD and Live streams
Import by entering the url of an m3u you found on the net.
Import by uploading an m3u you have on your pc or mac.

Once imported you can add the streams to a line created

Add unlimited lines and associate with a product file
You set the length of the subscription, you have a maximum of 100 years and a minimal of one day for subscription length.
Once subscription expired the account will automatically stop streams until the user pays again

Look and feel

Free themes
All our themes are included in your purchase.
Themes Themes will always be free. and included in your download.
Change Theme Easily change theme in admin. The change will be instant.


Branding free
Change logo and copyright message in admin
Logo in player Change the logo and link inside the video player easily in admin

Support and guarantee

Easy install yourself Install yourself in 5 minutes
Or use Free install Service We will Install within 48 hours of purchase