Ministra billing portal - IPTV Panel

Demo Requirements Videos Ministra Pricing

*NEW* Allow non ministra devices to access streams

  • Use any app that supports m3u playlists
  • Smart iptv app
  • GSE android/ios apps
  • perfect player
  • And many more
  • These straams also deativate when users subsctioption expires.

Compatible with NEW Transcoder pro for ministra

  • Restreaming m3u8 to ministra.
  • Automatic start of stopped streams.
  • Unlimited Live streams, just depends on your server specs.
  • Load Balancer (Coming Soon).

How it works(With Transcoder pro for ministra)

  • Our panel manages users and mac addresses
  • Front store to sell your plans
  • Front store automatically activates the users mac address in ministra
  • Automatic cancelation of expired accounts
  • Reseller pane
  • Super reseller panel(Can create resellers)
  • You upload an m3u with your streams in it
  • it automatically adds your streams to ministra
  • You can upload an unlimited amount of streams as long as your server can handle it.
  • You streams will be transcoded in m3u8 format.
  • Your stream will run in the background and be viewable by your users.
  • Automatic restart of stream when offline and user tries to watch.

No branding or linkback

  • Use your own logo
  • slogan and copyright message too
  • No linkback
  • No links or images relating to our product or service


Free installation and configuration

  • Free install within 48 hours
  • Free configure to pair panel with ministra server.
  • You can run panel and ministra on separate servers
  • Admin panel can run on a basic shared host
  • Ministra requires vps, 6gb ram, 50gb hdd and 2 core cpu


New features

Ability to add Super resellers, Super resellers can add their own reseller accounts

Distribute you ministra streams to other 'UNSUPPORTED' devices.

You can now stream to non ministra devices.

Supports any app with m3u streaming capability.

Automatic activation and deactivation of client accounts

Youtube plugin to add unlimited youtube videos to your portal

Front end shop

You can disable / enable front store at any time in admin.

You get a front end store to sell your products.

You can set a custom currency, From $, £, € to ¥

You can set unlimited Combinations, say $1 for a day , $5 for a month of service or any other duration or cost.

You can sell reseller accounts and end user lines.

You keep 100% of profits.

Front site is 100% automated and users can buy reseller panels or lines and get instant activation.

System Requirements

  • PHP 5.6 or greater
  • Mysql server
  • Source guardian loader required.
  • VPS Required
  • Debian 8, ubuntu 16.04 or 14.04
  • 6gb Ram
  • 50gb hdd
  • 2 core

Free installation on all products.

We will install within 48 hours of purchase.

Ministra billing portal key features

Fully automated billing system

Automatic deactivation of ministra account once subscription has expired.

Automatic activation of account when purchased from front store.

Import YouTube Videos to your ministra panel.

Youtube plug in filters out unsupported videos automatically.

You can add unlimited videos from youtube and use on any stalker or ministra device.

NEW: Custom plug in to allow other applications to use the ministras streams, with a simple,e m3u to use on most iptv enabled apps.

Ministra content

Add unlimited packages to better deliver you content to the correct user.

in theory.. each user can have a separate package of channels and vod.

say you have a USA channels and UK channels, you can distribute these separately from each other and apply to your users packages

Reseller panes

Allow your Customers to sell their own iptv packages

Packages are pre-defined by you, packages can cost any amount of credits you want...

You can set as little as 1 hour to 100 years and set the credit cost you want to deduct from a reseller

Your resellers can also setup their own resellers and give them credits from their account

As long as their new reseller credit amount is at least the same as their credits remaining.

The reseller giving credit will have the credits deducted from their credit balance.

Front-End Website to sell your plans

Sell your iptv planes and reseller accounts on your web store.

The front-end is fully automated, automatic activation of products and services sold on front-ends.

Mobile and tablet ready.

Custom plug ins

Youtube Plugin

You can import unlimited youtube videos from inside panel.

Directly search youtube without leaving the panel.

Compatibility checker to make sure video is supported.

Upload your videos to panel with one click.

You will get zero duplicate streams, the plug in will detect videos and filter out existing ones

Stream your content to more devices, m3u list compatible

Stream content to non ministra devices with m3u playlist support.

Allowing you to stream to unsupported non-ministra devices.

Support for these devices

Perfect player.

Smart iptv app.

SS iptv app.

Android phones, tablets and tv's.

LG and Samsung tvs.

ios and android without having to pay for stalker or ministra app.