New features

Ability to add Super resellers, Super resellers can add their own reseller accounts

Distribute you ministra streams to most devices.

You can now stream to non ministra devices.

Supports any app with m3u streaming capability.

Automatic activation and deactivation of client accounts

Youtube plugin to add unlimited youtube videos to your portal

Supported devices

  • Amazon fire tv, perfect player
  • Amazon fire tv, Smart iptv player
  • Android phones, GSE Iptv app
  • Android phones, perfect player
  • Android phones, Smart iptv app
  • Android Tv, GSE IPTV
  • Android Tv, Perfect player
  • Android Tv, Smart iptv app
  • Android tv, StbEmu
  • Android, ministra tv app EPG Supported
  • Apple Tv EPG Supported
  • IOS GSE iptv app
  • IOS, ministratv App EPG Supported
  • IOS, StalkerTv App EPG Supported
  • IOS, StalkerTv App EPG Supported
  • LG tv, smart iptv app
  • LG tv, ss iptv app
  • Mac, VLC Player
  • MAG STB EPG Supported
  • Roku Box EPG Supported
  • Smasung tv, smart iptv app
  • Smasung tv, SS iptv app
  • STB Emulators EPG Supported
  • Windows, VLC player

Front end shop

You get a front end store to sell your products.

You can set a custom currency, From $, £, € to ¥

You can set unlimited Combinations, say $1 for a day , $5 for a month of service or any other duration or cost.

You can sell reseller accounts and end user lines.

You keep 100% of profits.

Front site is 100% automated and users can buy reseller panels or lines and get instant activation.

Ministra billing portal key features

Fully automated billing system

Automatic deactivation of ministra account once subscription has expired.

Automatic activation of account when purchased from front store.

Import YouTube Videos to your ministra panel.

Youtube plug in filters out unsupported videos automatically.

You can add unlimited videos from youtube and use on any stalker or ministra device.

NEW: Custom plug in to allow other applications to use the ministras streams, with a simple,e m3u to use on most iptv enabled apps.

Lifetime means lifetime

Our lifetime licence is for lifetime.

Once you purchase there will be nothing extra to pay EVER.


Help and support

We are happy to help in any way we can to get you up and running.

We are here to help any way we can with any issues or questions and queries.

We aim to answer support requests within 48 hours but normally a lot less.

We had issues from 4th - 21st April receiving emails, but this is fixed now.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any pre purchase questions or have bugs or problems.

We have no hidden charges

All prices are fixed and you will never have to pay more than screen price.

Almost Instant download for ministra billing portal products

Get your download within 2 minutes of purchase

Live WITHOUT Limits

You can create unlimited Resellers and iptv Subscriptions.

Unlimited Paying users

Unlimited Resellers

Fully Responsive

Full responsive design

24/7 Email Support

Get unlimited support for the lifetime of this product

Easy To Configure

Install the panel in as little as 5 minutes of purchase