Custom user agent

You can set a custom user agent for each live stream

If your provider requires a certain user agent to play streams,

You can now add a user agent to each stream separately, or bulk update.

This will allow your streams locked to a user agent to stream them inside the panel.

Updated on 31/03/2021

LOAD Balancing BETA

We are working on load balancing.

We have a BETA test available

You can add up to 5 balancers per panel.

Updated on 27/03/2021

VOD Issue

We had a vod issue that wouldn't allow playback correctly.

This was fixed today,

Anyone with this issue please contact support on how to update

Updated on 15/03/2021

Login issue with web player

We had an issue with vplayer login for new lines.

This issue has been fixed now.

Contact us if you have this issue.

Updated on 09/03/2021

Anti stream leeching

You can setup a device limit for each account

You can set a device limit for all customers now

This will limit uses that are using concurrent streams.

if the limit is reached it will not allow another device until they stop streaming on at least 1 active device

You can limit from 1 device to 100.

Updated on 01/03/2021

You can now sell restreams

You can offer your own restream service.

You can provide streams to other iptv companies and charge them per connection fee.

You set the price and amount of connections included.

Updated on 01/03/2021

Issue with smarters in reseller panel

We had an issue with smarters app,When new lines were added in reseller panel.

Adding new accounts showed a blank list in smarters and xciptv.

This error has been rectified now.

Updated on 28/02/2021

Xtream codes m3u improved importing and Distribution

We have updated our panel to allow you to use re streams from xtreame codes iptv.

Faster zapping, improved reliability and all round improved distribution

Updated on 27/02/2021

Minimum requirements

To get your iptv up and running you can use minimal ram and cpu until you get many streams or clients.

Minimum recommended specs

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • 4GB Ram
  • 10GB hdd
  • 2 core cpu

Updated on 27/02/2021

New option for thumbnails

We have added an option for logos and thumbnails of a channels.

You can now instead of taking a screen shot, grab the logo from the m3u file.

You still can take a screen shot if you prefer.

Updated on 16/02/2021

VPS Required

VPS OR Server required.

You can get a vps for as little as $15(USD) per month.

You just need 8gb ram, 2 core processor and 20GB HDD

Stalker portal issues

We are currently having issues with mag and stb devices.

We have issues installing the server.

This only applies mag and stb devices

All other devices and apps are all working as normal

All these apps and devices are still supported

  • Smarters iptv App with xtream codes api
  • GSE Iptv app with Xtream codes api
  • Enigma2 Devise
  • Smart iptv app(Many devices)
  • Perfect player(Android)
  • Smarters iptv(M3u url only)
  • Edge browser(XBOX One and windows 7)
  • Firefox(Many devices)
  • Safari(Mac and windows)
  • Chrome browser(many devices)
  • VLC Player(many devices)
  • GSE IPTV APP(Android and ios)
  • Internet explorer(Windows)
  • Supports many many more devices that have a modern browser.
  • Xtream API Supported devices
  • Enigma2 Set top boxes
  • Watch in browser(VOD and LIVE supported)
  • XBOX ONE - through EDGE browser
  • Ipad - With APP(s) and web browser
  • Ipod touch With APP(s) and web browser
  • IPhones With APP(s) and web browser
  • Macbooks With APP(s) VLC, web browser
  • Samsung tablets With APP(s) VLC, web browser
  • Samsung phones With APP(s) VLC, web browser
  • Windows pc With APP(s) VLC, web browser
  • Chrome With APP(s) VLC, web browser
  • Sefari With web browser
  • Firefox With web browser
  • Internet explorer web browser
  • IOS Browser web browser
  • Android Browser web browser
  • Supports many many more devices that have a modern browser.



We give full support on our product.

We do make updates daily so errors may occur.

If you do find any issues at all please contact us and we can fix most issues in 24 hours.

We aim to answer any support request within 24 hours.

Smarters PRO APP VOD Error

WE found an issue viewing vod categories and vod details.

This has been fixed now.

Please coontact us if you have this error.

Updated on 01/02/2021

404 errors

We had issue with 404 error.

Was a simple issue to fix, just needed to upload .htaccess

This is fixed now.

You can download your purchase and unzip the just upload .htaccess file to your server.

Updated on 26/01/2021

EPG Support For more apps

More devices supported for epg

Perfect player now supported

TiViMate Now supported

Smart iptv Now supported

Lazy IPTV Now supported

Updated on 12/01/2021

EPG Time zone

Allow your users to set the country or time zone they are in and get a accurate schedule for their country

They set this in web player and it will automatically change their epg to their local time and day.

It will save this time zone for their browser and with no need to change again.

With an option to reset if they selected incorrectly.

Updated on 11/12/2020

Brand new feature

EPG Generator now included, generate 7 day epg without leaving panel

Generate epg for many countries

UK, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Canada
Updated on 10/12/2020

Good news!

Over the last week we've had issues with mag and stb emu's

This was caused by an issue with github that wouldn't install stalker portal correctly.

This is now fixed, existing customers please contact us if you need this update
Updated on 07/12/2020

BUG in thumbnail capture

We had an issue with taking a Screen shot of live streams

Panel was taking a screen shot too often and making the cpu a little higher than normal.

This was fixed in latest build

Updated on 05/12/2020


Epg Guide feature for web player available now

Get a full epg for web player, with your xmltv file

Updated on 30/11/2020

EPG Update

EPG Now supported

Epg for smarters, xciptv and enigma2

Updated on 29/11/2020

Brand new theme for web player

View online demo
User name : 123
Password : 123

Updated on 26/11/2020

Add series to web player

Now you can add TV series to web player , with unlimited episodes in a series

View series feature in demo
User name : 123
Password : 123

Updated on 22/11/2020

Demo Login for XCIPTV Or Smarters

You can test smarters or xciptv apps with the following info

Portal URL :
Portal username : 123
Portal password : 123

PLEASE NOTE: You need to change stream type from .ts to hls
Updated on 20/11/2020

Add series in panel

No you can add tv series, with unlimited episodes in a series

Updated on 20/11/2020


XCIPTV now supported

Updated on 07/11/2020

Bug Fix

Bug when adding live streams to new updated panel

Column language cannot be null

Updated on 07/11/2020

New Feature

Stream standby after inactivity

You can set a standby inactivity limit in admin.

You set a dynamic timer for live streams.

Once dynamic time is elapsed it will stop the stream automatically.

Once viewed again it will restart the stream with a new dynamic timer.

Updated on 01/10/2020

Error adding single live

error fixed 'series' cannot be null when adding single live

Updated on 07/10/2020

Fixed error with smarters pro

Smarter pro live stream time out fixed

Fixed error with smarters app with live streams timing out.

Please contact us if you have this error
Updated on 20/09/2020


New Supports Enigma2 devices with XCplugin.

ZGEMMA , openvix,Openpli, Openatv And more.

Video on Setup with zgemma


New update and our panel now supports Xtream codes api V1 and V2 APPS

Smarters iptv app now supported

IPTV Smarters Pro is an incredible video streaming player which is developed especially for end-users that want to be provided with the facility to watch live TV, VOD, Series and TV Catchup on their android devices such as mobiles, android boxes, Fire TV stick and other.

How to use smarters

IPTV GSE Via Api v1.

How to use GSE App

No need to enter long urls, just enter ip, username and password.

XBOX One now supported

Xbox one now supported through edge browser

Only works with iptv web player

Faster loading of offline Live streams For iptv v2.2 panel

New lowered latency between v2.2 panel and end user device
Depending on the speed of your streams it loads UP TO 5X Faster

New Product - Stand alone web player

NOTE: this product does not require our iptv panel, its a stand alone software,

Use this product for streaming your xtream ui or flussinic m3u files.

Supports almost any m3u file that has valid streams inside,

Stream to many web based devices.

New feature, URL shortener for easy access

URL shortener added.

Save the frustration of typing a long URL for iptv.
instead of....

it would be...

Brand new feature..

Add videos from the site.

Just fill in a few text boxes and select a category and it will add automatically

Updated on 29/04/2020

Bye Bye Youtube

Sorry but we no longer support you tube videos due to ne youtube format/

Updated on 29/04/2020

Loader for slow streams

A loading image has been added for slower to start streams

Updated on 26/04/2020

Live stream stuttering

We had an issue where sometimes live streams stuttered or were jerky,

This was fixed on 24 th of april 2020

Updated on 24/04/2020

Email issue

We have had email issues the last few weeks,

This was an intermittent problem.

Feel free to contact us

Updated on 24/04/2020

Brand new web player

We have created a web player for use with iptv panel

More information

Updated on 05/04/2020

Fixed upload for mag devices

Fixed intermittent error adding vod and live for mag and stb's

Updated on 01/04/2020

Free installation

Free installation still available.

Please allow 24-48 hours for install.

Updated on 31/03/2020

Youtube Video fix

We have now fixed issue with watching youtube videos inside panel
Updated on 31/03/2020
Contact us regarding this update