New Product - Stand alone web player

NOTE: this product does not require our iptv panel, its a stand alone software,

Use this product for streaming your xtream ui or flussinic m3u files.

Supports almost any m3u file that has valid streams inside,

Stream to many web based devices.

New feature, URL shortener for easy access

URL shortener added.

Save the frustration of typing a long URL for iptv.
instead of....

it would be...

Brand new feature..

Add videos from the site.

Just fill in a few text boxes and select a category and it will add automatically

Updated on 29/04/2020

Bye Bye Youtube

Sorry but we no longer support you tube videos due to ne youtube format/

Updated on 29/04/2020

Loader for slow streams

A loading image has been added for slower to start streams

Updated on 26/04/2020

Live stream stuttering

We had an issue where sometimes live streams stuttered or were jerky,

This was fixed on 24 th of april 2020

Updated on 24/04/2020

Email issue

We have had email issues the last few weeks,

This was an intermittent problem.

Feel free to contact us

Updated on 24/04/2020

Brand new web player

We have created a web player for use with iptv panel

More information

Updated on 05/04/2020

Fixed upload for mag devices

Fixed intermittent error adding vod and live for mag and stb's

Updated on 01/04/2020

Free installation

Free installation still available.

Please allow 24-48 hours for install.

Updated on 31/03/2020

Youtube Video fix

We have now fixed issue with watching youtube videos inside panel
Updated on 31/03/2020
Contact us regarding this update