PHP iptv panel


This service is for panel only, No Streams or videos provided. we accept no responsibility for misuse . We do NOT host provide, archive, distribute, store, or stream media of any kind on our website. We do NOT own, control, manage, maintain, run or have any access to the servers.

Instant download script installation files

Instant download of script installation files.

License files sent within 24 hours of request.

Instant download of files.
Licence file sent within 24 hours of request
Updates for life
Lifetime license.
Will never expire, even if we close our store.


This panel is a iptv panel you run on your server.

We do not offer or provide any channels or vod streams.

You need to find your own content to add

Supported devices

  • Amazon fire tv, perfect player
  • Amazon fire tv, Smart iptv player
  • Android phones, GSE Iptv app
  • Android phones, perfect player
  • Android phones, Smart iptv app
  • Android Tv, GSE IPTV
  • Android Tv, Perfect player
  • Android Tv, Smart iptv app
  • Android tv, StbEmu
  • Android, tv app EPG Supported
  • IOS GSE iptv app
  • LG tv, smart iptv app
  • LG tv, ss iptv app
  • Mac, VLC Player
  • Smasung tv, smart iptv app
  • Smasung tv, SS iptv app
  • Windows, VLC player

Iptv panel Complete Solution

  • Web player
  • Iptv Panel V2
  • Resellers
  • Super Resellers
  • Multi plans for your panel
  • Automatic expiration of iptv plans
  • Automatic credit deduction for new lines created by reseller.
  • Unlimited line creation by admin.
  • Only £60 for a lifetime license

Iptv panel Complete Solution

  • Iptv Manager
  • Resellers
  • Super Resellers
  • Multi plans for your panel
  • Automatic expiration of iptv plans
  • Automatic credit deduction for new lines created by reseller.
  • Unlimited line creation by admin.
  • iptv Web Player available for an extra £5 for lifetime
  • Panel credit based


Single licence panel

Requirement iptv Panel pricing


New Features

Super resellers

  • Now your can add Super resellers.
  • Super resellers can add their own reseller accounts and set the amount of credits given to the new reseller.
  • There is an option to let all resellers add sub-resellers
  • You can set it so only super resellers can add the accounts or you can allow all resellers to create.
  • Super resellers can only sell credit accounts if they have enough credits to deduct

Run on more domains

  • You can now Run on 3 domains at the same time(Contact support for more info).

Offline streams

  • Custom Stream offline message and logo
  • You can have a message to show a user if a stream is offline or dead, Like this example.

Card payments

  • Card payments with stripe

Stream checker

  • Stream checker...
  • Plug in will check if vod and live streams exist.
  • You can get a report of dead or 404 links in admin...
  • You will have the option to change url or completely remove stream

No branding or link back

  • Use your own logo
  • slogan and copyright message too
  • No link back
  • No links or images relating to our product or service


Front end shop

You can disable / enable front store at any time in admin.

You get a front end store to sell your products.

You can set a custom currency, From $, £, € to ¥

You can set unlimited Combinations, say $1 for a day , $5 for a month of service or any other duration or cost.

You can sell reseller accounts and end user lines.

You keep 100% of profits.

Front site is 100% automated and users can buy reseller panels or lines and get instant activation.

Admin Features

With your purchase you get a full control of your admin back end for your panel.

Add unlimited lines resellers and users.

Manage streams, delete, edit and add live and vod.

Manage users, resellers and Admin

Manage -add, delete and suspend lines.

Manage products to sell, you can sell iptv reseller plans and iptv subscriptions

Change theme quickly.

Reseller user Panel Features

Create unlimited reseller users.

Resellers can add, edit and manage lines.

automatic activation once the reseller creates a line.

Automatic deactivation once expired.

Automatic user created instantly.

Resellers can sell lines for all supported devices.

Full support for resellers.

Resellers can set mac address for a users stb with .

Resellers can renew or extend the lines for each user.

Resellers can renew lines quickly and easily.

Lifetime license

Add unlimited credits to reseller users

You get lifetime panel that will never expire

Add unlimited credits to reseller users

You get unlimited updates free for life

Unlimited priority support

Add unlimited credits to reseller users

You Choose the Streams and vod to add, NO Streams or videos included

Add unlimited vod from youtube direct from the panel, without leaving.

Built in Youtube video checker built in and filters out unsupported videos.

unlimited vod and live streams can be added

You can add unlimited uses

unlimited lines

unlimited resellers

unlimited paying customers

Upload live m3u you download from the web directly to panel.

You can also enter the url of a web m3u file and add your channels from web

You can add vod from youtube, url and m3u file.

You can add unlimited m3u plans as you wish.

All plans are separate and can add specific streams to each one,

just select in admin which ones you want to add to plan(VOD & live).

Selling you iptv plans

You have your php web shop to sell your lines and reseller plans.

You set the price and length or each plan, length can be anything from 1 hour to 100 years.

Front store is fully automated so lines are automatically activated after successful payment


Adding resellers is quite easy.

You go to admin and enter email, user, pass and credits allowed.

Once activated the reseller can use only credits assigned....

once expired you can add credits to reseller or the reseller can buy more from front store

Limiting devices

You can set a device limit for each plan, ranging from 1 to 100

Once limit is reached the panel will block all other apps until you delete device or increase maximum devices

Branding free

All Images and text can be changed.

Set your logo in admin.

Also set you slogan in admin


Epg is supported for all mag devices, stb's and stalker apps( Required)

Epg is supported on smart iptv app.

We are currently working on oither devices